Several European societies are still suffering from the conflicts rooted in the past and look for the means to overcome the difficult historical legacy. RePAST is a research project that addresses this issue; relying on a multi-method interdisciplinary approach, it investigates how six member states of the EU and two non-member states (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Kosovo, Poland, Spain) deal with their troubled pasts today. By analysing the discourses in history, media, politics and arts & culture, the project explores how these conflicting discourses impact European integration and hinder attempts to increase internal cohesion of these societies. Based on an extensive research, the project implements several actions and proposes strategies for reflecting upon these discourses to strengthen European integration.

A range of topics will be discussed:

  •  In general, what can be done about troubled past(s) of European societies?
  •  What have we theoretically and practically learned so far regarding the troubled past(s) and the effective means for overcoming it?
  • Are in a strongly differentiated European context, marked with the rise of illiberalism, hate speech and other undemocratic standards, good practices, transferable from one context to another?
  • What roles can be played by European countries – members of the EU and non-members– and the EU as an institution in the attempts to overcome troubled past(s)?

 For More Information and to Register: International Workshop 26 March