As part of the Repast Europe study which examines memories and re-emergence of conflict across Europe, we are looking for people to discuss their experiences in a series of focus groups taking place this June.

Who do we want to participate?

We want to engage a broad range of perspectives, valuing the views of members of all communities in Ireland. We are aiming to get a spread of ages and background, for interviews and focus groups in June.

We are asking volunteers to participate in a group discussion (a focus group) about how you generally remember the conflict and feel about the current situation on the island.

The discussion should take around 60  mins and will include 5- 6 other participants and will take place in Belfast, Dublin and Dundalk.  It will aim to explore a range of topics, particularly aiming to find out where are the historical and modern-day social, cultural and political fault lines? And what are the differences in experiences of the Troubles among different social classes, age groups, and genders?

If you have any questions and/or are  interested in participating in these discussions, please contact or