On 4 April, the investigators of the University of Ljubljana’s and University of Agder’s team Dr. Rok Zupančič, Dr. Kenneth Andresen, Abit Hoxha and Faris Kočan presented the preliminary findings from the field within the project RePAST at the round table discussion on Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Centre for European Perspective. Under the title ‘Revisiting the troubled past, anticipating the future: lessons from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo and impacts on European integration’, the panellists focused on oral history interviews, media discourses, arts and culture, and European integration and identity. The discussion afterwards was launched by Ms Alenka Košir, Head of Department for Enlargement and South-Eastern Europe at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Around 25 people with different background (Ambassadors from Albania, Turkey, Croatia, North Macedonia, Japan, Georgia, and Italy, Slovenian policy makers and political advisor from the U.S. Embassy) actively participated in the discussion and raised relevant questions regarding the further path and process of the project.

Dr. Rok Zupančič, the principle investigator of the University of Ljubljana team, presented the main rationale and idea behind the project, while Abit Hoxha and Faris Kočan focused on empirical findings. Dr. Kenneth Andresen wrapped up the roundtable and offered a broader picture of the preliminary findings.



Source: Centre for European Perspective